Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

3 Minutes, Then to Bed

Very sleepy tired. A little stiff & aching too. No reason. Probably not enough sleep last night. Must stop this habit of being on the computer till after 1 am.

Nothing to say about work today. Boring stuff.

Lunchtime, went to Costco to have them reprint the too-dark 20x30 (showed them the perfect 12x18 made from the same image at the same time - different machine. The nice lady tried, but couldn't fix it. Then she was left alone for the lunch rush. I told her I would come back tomorrow.

She left voicemail, said it was done. I picked it up after work - she said they just had to take the machine off "auto-correct". Makes sense.

Home. Domino LOVES the cat-safe milk. Yay.

Pistachios and celery for dinner.

Watched an episode of The Mentalist. I may have seen it before, but it was good enough to watch again, and my memory did not fill in many blanks. I have 4 more to watch on Tivo.

My Tivo went offline, which made it slooooooooow. I had to pull the power cord to resurrect it. One thing working at Tivo QA taught me is those boxes don't have a problem with being power cycled. They do have a problem staying on the network.

Okay, 3 minutes are up. No plans for tomorrow other than work. G'nite.

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