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Ho Hum

Except for the excitement of mistymarshall's birthday, it was a mostly ho hum day.

Work was spent doing tedious but worthwhile database entry, four of us went to the Greek place for lunch. I keep making the mistake there of ordering the way too big entrée plates, when the appetizer of the same item is enough for a meal. We spent some time speculating about the upcoming Google acquisition, the guy who has been there the longest (this will be the fourth company to own the same product) is convinced that the CEO and our division VP will parachute out as soon as the ink is dry. He may be right. But at this point all the movers and shakers are prohibited from telling us anything about post-merger org charts.

Someone on FB pointed to a relatively new Cat Stevens concert, under his Muslim name, looking as old as he ought to for 2011, dressed in an adaptation of desert gear, in a place which is replete with Moorish woodwork, but sounding like a more mature, less frenetic Cat Stevens. I am touched and pleased he decided that his ultra-conservative handlers were wrong about music.

My sister and I have been playing phone tag for two days because:
My cell phone has no phone signal at work
She is not allowed to have a cell phone at work. She works from 7-3(ish)
So she texts me at 4:45 am on her way to the gym. I wake up at 7
And she tries to call at lunchtime, but our lunch times don't coincide
Finally, the light dawned and I used my office phone to call her on her office phone. It didn't go to voicemail on the 3rd try.

We talked for more than an hour (she had some major work venting to do) but it only took a couple of minutes to figure out that when she comes to SJC next month en route to a gardening workshop at UCSC, she can take the short drive to where I work, I can show her all the video screens and blinking lights, and get her onto Hwy 17 while it is still daylight. It'll be rush hour, but that's probably safer than driving it at night in a rental car the first time ever. Maybe on the return she'll have time to see the apartment and pet Domino. She has two formerly feral black cats as house pets.

Home, uploaded some more images to Costco, and ordered prints. Some are from a set showing Hangar One stripped down. Maybe Drink Tank will want to use them?

Plans for tomorrow:
Manicure. I hope I can get there by 10, and she has time for me.
Kaiser, pick up a prescription which they were supposed to call me about, but didn't. Online it shows as ready.
Work on a couple of short DVDs for a friend. One is a memorial the other isn't.

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