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We do more things by 5 pm than most people do by 7 am

I finished everything on my list by about noon-thirty, so I added a few things and now I'm parked at a community table with a bunch of students. When I got here there were 5 Asians and one non, but two of the Asians have left. The non is either Brazilian or Portuguese - he's on his phone speaking Portuguese. It sounds like he's trying to get tech support from a friend. Nice white Sony PC. The Asians all have Apples.

So, the list. Somehow I made it to the nails place by 10, but my favorite was out dealing with her son's being sick, so they asked me to wait at the coffee shop for 20 minutes. It was more like 10, and Princess Pauline did the honors. She does a good job, and she's model-quality pretty, but she's also married with a son.

Next on the list was Kaiser, pick up a prescription. It's the only one I have which isn't covered by my plan, and the price has gone up about 15% in the past 10 years. I guess that's not so bad. Still, it ought to be covered.

Next was a visit to an apartment complex which was on my list last time I moved, but somehow I never got there when they were open last time. They were advertising all units had a washer/dryer, and they were remodeling as units became vacant. The good news is they have 2br/1ba units, the bad news is their remodeling is minor, and the kitchen does not get granite counter tops. In fact, the counter tops come with a page of do's and don'ts, which include all the ones which my current place has. Rent is way lower, storage space is almost zero because they turned the storage space (on the patio) into the laundry nook.

Home, while I was out they fixed the dishwasher again. I was hoping for a replacement, but nope.

The extended life cell phone batteries & charge arrived, but the Vivid has not been sucking power nearly as much as the Bionic or EVO did, so I won't charge those up till tonight.

Made lunch, took a nap, watched the last episode from Star Trek Season 1 on Amazon streaming. I thought I had watched the last episode the other night but what I had watched was marked episode 99, which I thought was odd for a single season. Also odd is the only familiar actor was Nimoy. Looking it up online, it was the first pilot. Captain Pike not Kirk, an elderly ship's doctor, Majel Barrett cast as businesslike, professional Number One (a very different role from her later sexy blonde nurse Chapel. My favorite was a young woman stolen from the Hollywood Home For The Terminally Cute, Laurel Goodwin, who is only referred to as "yeoman". She seems to materialize right where the captain is turning to go. In the video she seems to be very short. IMDB says she is 5'7", and Jeffery Hunter, who played the captain, was only 6' tall. Hmm. She starred in the Elvis movie Girls, Girls, Girls. I'll have to see if they have that on Amazon streaming. :-)

Anyhow, the real final episode was one I'd never seen, in which Kirk's brother and sister-in-law are killed by alien parasites. Sister-in-law Marina is not in the on-screen credits, which is nasty because she has a guest star sized part, and the most beautiful eyes. Not credited on imdb either. Majel plays the nurse in this one, along with all the familiar actors.

Sat on the sofa for a while petting Domino. She likes walking back and forth across my lap.

Added to the list were breaking down the cardboard boxes and wheeling them out to the dumpster, then finding a Girl Scout cookie stand near a Starbucks. girlscoutcookies.org said there might be one in front of the Starbucks on Hollenbeck & Homestead, so I programmed the GPS and it took me to a Safeway which has a Starbucks stand inside and a GS cookie stand outside. There is also a full Starbucks at the other end of the shopping strip. I got 4 thin mints and a pack of the trefoil shortbreads. The latter are the original cookies which look like th GS insignia. Cute girls. Cute mom. I don't think any of them were transvestites, but this is all in the spirit of "think nationally, act locally".

The frequency of the surrounding conversation has gone up a few kHz. The Portuguese has gone away, two of the Chinese have pulled their faces out of their books/Macs and are chatting. We have been joined by a serious looking Asian man with a Dell. I'm guessing he is not a student.

Outside there are 8 middle school looking kids being way more PDA than we ever were, though in a mostly innocent way. 13 going on 16. Still young enough for the girls to be able to beat up the boys.

Ranch 99 is on my way home, maybe I'll stop in to see if they have longans. I have no idea when those are in season.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up more prints from Costco. Decided to add Hangar One and a couple of rockets from last week to the set.
Coffee w/Janice

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