Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oscar FAIL

I cannot believe that a minimal cast, B&W silent movie won Best Picture for 2012. There are so many aspects of movie making which The Artist did not have to deal with. Ditto Best Director. With all the stunning films and directorial triumphs this year, this film at best wins Miss Congeniality. Best actor? Maybe. If you like mimes. Ben Kingsley not even being nominated for Hugo was a travesty.

OTOH I was very surprised at the spontaneous standing ovation and thunderous applause awarded to Meryl Streep. I had no idea that on top of all that talent, her co-workers also sincerely like the person herself. That's good to know.

The memorial segment is when I tuned in, I saw it all, and was very pleased Elizabeth Taylor, who did so much brave and charitable work in her lifetime, was given the final spotlight. Cliff Robertson would have been better served with a clip from Charlie instead of Spiderman. And maybe Peter Falk deserved a second clip, from The Princess Bride. All the images flashed by too quickly. The chorus, however, was wonderful.
Tags: movies, rant, review

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