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Quiet Sunday

Didn't do much today. Picked up some prints from Costco, where I shot this amusing photo:

watched an episode of The Shark Tank, which is my latest Tivo season pass. It is a bit over-dramatized, but interesting to see the inventions and business proposals which make it to the program, and how much personality has to do with who gets funded, and how.

Then to Starbucks to snag a table and meet Janice, who had some computer/phone/Kindle questions. At 2:30 there was not a single seat inside or out. I went back to my car for 20 minutes, and when I came back the place was half empty. When Janice arrived 10 minutes later, it was full again. Very odd.

What we decided was her half-ton HP netbook did not do anything her Android phone did not do. I demonstrated Skype, pointed her to K-9 email, the Kindle app, and a couple of other goodies, and the HP became redundant. She just needed something which would let her read and manage email when she traveled, without loading her down. She'll keep the Kindle for reading and audio books, and use the phone for what little browsing she does.

She was having so much fun she forgot to tell me about her latest boyfriends.

Home, dinner was 99 chicken and baked beans. Domino loves chicken, but it's hard to eat dinner with a cat sitting up on the arm of your chair.

Watched another episode of The Mentalist. Guest star was Serenity & V heart throb Morena Baccarin. Yum.

Channel surfed between the news and the Oscars. Was disgusted with the talking heads interviews and waited until the memorial segment to tune in for real. Which also gave me the 4 top "bests". My thoughts on those are emblazoned in an earlier post.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (10 am team meeting)
BASFA with auction items.
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