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Day of Mon

Predicted rain did not happen, but predicted chilly did. Team meeting was short, even though I talked too much. Boss' boss was there, and I kept a straight face when he reminded us he has an open door policy and we can come chat with him any time. He has only been in CA one week out of 4 since he took the job. Apparently he has found a place out here to move to, and is in the process. He's a very nice guy, very open, and does his best to answer questions at the meetings, when he's here. He just needs to be here more.

Closed most of the test cases I'd written Friday. Two need the next build to be tested.

Lunch was at Denny's, sausage smash. First time ever that the hash browns were edible.

Home after work, there was a package to pick up - the new car GPS-audio system.  This is the 4th one I've bought since getting tired of the wiring mess and kludge mounting of an external GPS. The car has a 2-din (double deep) opening for the audio system, perfect for a built-in GPS. I had done some research online, and my #1 concern was to be able to upload my address book from the Garmin GPS to the in-dash unit. I went to a local car audio company and they talked me out of the one I had planned on, saying that a much less expensive no-brand one would work. It was a piece of crap and I returned it in a couple of days. They sold me a fairly expensive one, but after a couple of days of calling tech support, discovered that it was not updatable. The guy tried to upsell me an even more expensive one, but I'd had it with the crook. It took a month to get my money back. Next try was a Kenwood, which has a Garmin GPS, can be updated via an SD card and also had a nice iPod interface. It was great, except it kept rebooting at random. Online forums showed this was a very common problem. So I sold that and bought a Sony. It has a Navtec GPS, and everything on their site pointed to it being able to load new maps and addresses from an SD card, but the web site is broken, and they were actually talking about a stand-alone GPS, not the all-in-one. It hasn't been a huge problem since it is easy to add addresses as I go, but the maps are 3 years old and there is no way to get new ones. And the display is very difficult to read when you are not actually following a route. And come to think of it, even when you are. There is no way to safely read the name of the next cross street. Garmin does this very well.

So the new unit is the next generation of the Kenwood, and I found a factory refurbished unit for half price. Now I need to make an appointment to have it installed.

This weekend is Consonance. Maybe I can get it done at the nearby Best Buy while I'm at the con Saturday. Hmm.

Took a nap, then went to BASFA, which started with the announcement that Coco's had booked another meeting into the room at 9:30. Our meetings lately had not been lasting that long because we were ending them early to discuss Hugo awards, but normally we go till 10, and would probably have gone till 10:30 if we'd been allowed to. Lots of people attending who had announcements and reviews. johnnyeponymous ran the meeting in a way that got some of that done and got us out in time.

Every place we have had our meetings has double-booked on us, but lately service has been poor, advertised menu items not available and now this. Time to consider relocating.

Had a nice chat with Mike McGee, who has written a book series and on amazon the first volume is 99 cents or free for Prime members. Click here. He's a delightful person, picked my brain a lot about Thailand. I overcame my natural shyness and told him a few anecdotes.

Home, fired up the amazon prime vids on the bedroom DVD and discovered that while the Doctor Who logo was here, all the content was gone. Boo, hiss. But found the first season of Downton Abbey. I'll watch the first episode, see where it goes.

Plans for tomorrow:
Return the drapes (finally got a shipping label from them)
Maybe see The Artist at Santana Row.
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