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More on this later, I hope:

Went to see Cinequest's shorts #2, which were all superb, and completely made up for the meh of the night before.

All but one were beautifully shot, one was done on 35mm instead of digital and was a little grainy and in some places fuzzy, and colors were dull. Quickly:

Otto and the Electric Eel - dir. Duncan Skiles, Andrew Zuchero - United States
A man is cooking dinner for his date, it burns, he fires up a boatload of electronics and creates a flying electric eel, which he battles and finally kills - while his date is ringing his doorbell. Cheesy special effects, but a lot of humor with a happy ending.

Smorgasbord - dir. Jennifer Glynn - United States
Two women run a buffet restaurant, and are romanced by customers. The reverse Heimlich maneuver near the end is worth the price of admission.

The Padlock (il Lucchetto) - dir. Ettore Nicoletti - Italy
What starts as a very romantic story about a couple who add their lock to a chain full of lovers' locks around a light pole, turns hilarious. Points for biggest laugh in the shortest time.

Count Back from Ten - dir. Tamar Halpern - United States
Beautifully written and photographed and touching, the dreams of a young girl, with a heartbreaking reveal at the end.

Everything is Incredible - dir. Tyler Bastian, Trevor Hill, Tim Skousen - United States
An old man with polio has been building what he calls a helicopter since 1958, with interviews of his neighbors and relatives.

Reinaldo Arenas - dir. Lucas Leyva - United States
This is a very strange title. The film is about a shark being hooked buy a fisherman, from the shark's point of view. Reinaldo Arenas was a Cuban writer who was jailed for his work against Castro, eventually made it to America and committed suicide when the depression of AIDS became too much for him.

Sterling Hallard Bright Drake - dir. Robert Sickels - United States
A man in Walla Walla, WA has erected his own tombstone near the front of the cemetery, though he is very much alive. It is covered with odd drawings and misspelled quotes. High school classmates are interviewed, and then the man himself. Excellent videography.

Sailcloth - dir. Elfar Adalsteins - United Kingdom
John Hurt stars in this one, about a man who gets out of his nursing home bed, shaves, gets dressed in a suit and tie, sets off the fire alarm and walks out during the confusion. He takes a sailboat, outfits it with two sheets taken from the home, and sails out to sea and a tragic ending. Technically the best of the bunch. Oscar worthy.

In Search of a Donkey (Chasse à l'âne) - dir. Maria Nicollier - Switzerland
This is the 35mm entry. Three Japanese men are served donkey meat by their local chef, and go in search of a donkey to kill & eat. Much hilarity as they see a nativity scene in a shop window and mistake the donkey for a sacred Christian symbol. Adorable film, wish it had better production values.
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