Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

George Shot First - or - Use the Force, Lucas

Every other Monday we have our team meeting at 9, so the two testers in Belgium can call in and not be kept late. Which means every other Monday I need to be at work before 9, which seems like a bother but shouldn't.

Short meeting because we have no major projects in the works, everything is waiting for engineering to finish some features.

I got to play a little with the automation tools, but kept hitting a snag early on. After lunch I got the automation guy (who sits in the cube next to mine) to help, Turns out all the scripts are written for a different port number than my machine uses. He showed me how to work around that, and also how to record my own scripts. That blew up on me too, I'll show him tomorrow. Meanwhile, I may be assigned to write test cases for a new feature which I don't really have the resources to do.

Home for just enough time to copy a photo onto a thumb drive for one of the BASFA members, then walked to BASFA where she wasn't. :-(

The meeting was a full-length one this time. I was pleased that the wi-fi radio I brought got a fairly high bid. When it came time for rumor of the week, I choked. The subject line was what I had planned to enter. Some other time, maybe.

Plans for tomorrow:
Shopping. I'm out of milk. If the Girl Scouts are still out there, I'm down to my last box of thin mints.

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