Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Obligatory Tuesday

Work: Was officially assigned to write test cases for a feature for which there is no documentation. Read the original feature request, it didn't help much. Wrote some test cases anyway.
Lunch was a mistake. That is, I was headed for a place on El Camino, forgot to turn, took the next right and re-discovered a Togos I used to go to a lot.

After work, produce stand and got a pile of tiny pickle cukes, a bag of peeled garlic, six fairly large limes but no 59¢ bananas because they were tiny and picked way too soon. On to Safeway - milk, vinegar, air freshener, ice cream, cookies (because GS cookie sales are done) but no 59¢ bananas because they were small and picked too soon. Kinko's and dropped off the RMA curtains which have been sitting in the bedroom for months due to a lack of return shipping label. Their mistake, they get to pay shipping.

Home, got some paperwork organized so I can make the final distribution of the parental trust funds and close the bank account. Clipped the UPC code and filled out the form for the $20 electric toothbrush rebate. The new toothbrush is a vast improvement - the old one's motor was weaker than I thought.

Dinner was celery stalks followed by roast duck on whole wheat bread. Domino helped.

As I was perusing FB, the cat started making crow-like noises, which she has been doing far too much of lately so I went into the livingroom and captured her, and took her back to the computer room and held her close. She stayed for about 5 minutes, and seemed to actually enjoy it after a while. That's a switch.

Got a letter from the UC Davis vet school saying my vet clinic had made a donation to one of their pet care programs in Pumpkin's memory. That was sweet of them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Find out more about the tests I'm supposed to write
Computer History Museum reception & talk.
Tags: cats, shopping, work

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