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Money. No Ball.

Network was hosed at work, so I went with Plan A and drove way out (15 miles) to the BofA branch where I have the trust account, ready to fill out wire transfer forms by hand and make the final distribution of the parental funds. But nooooo, they do it online now. It took way too long. I type a lot faster than she does.

She convinced me to wait till the transfers had cleared (Friday) and then grab my share and close the account. The idea being if I took my share and closed the account now, if something went wrong with one of the transfers I would be in deep doodoo. I was not keen on making that long trip. So THEN she tells me I could have gone to any branch to do all of this. I wish the previous management had told me. So Friday I'll go to a local branch.

Back at work, network is still flake city. Next door neighbor tells me the boss wants to see me. Close the door behind me see me. Apologize for the bad news see me. Hands me a slip of paper see me. Paper says I am getting about a paycheck's worth of bonus with my next paycheck. Yay! The apology was because it was less than the rest of the team was getting, because they had been there the full 6 months of the bonus period, I have only been there 4 months. It was still twice as much as I had expected. More.

Left a tad early to get to the Computer History Museum, which was a zoo out in the parking lot with buses and a line of taxis and a lot of people just hanging around outside. definitely not for the lecture I was there for. I think maybe they hosted a live feed from the Apple event to announce iPorn.

Inside there was a welcome sign for whatever 2-day event it was.

The talk was interesting. George Dyson, son of Freeman Dyson and mathematician Verena Huber-Dyson, who was there to talk about his book Turing's Cathedral, which is mostly about the brainiacs at Princeton who used the Eniac computer to nuke Japan. His parents were of that crowd. He mostly talked about von Neumann rather than Turing or his parents. Added attraction at the end of the talk was the woman who was secretary (from age 16) to the Eniac team. Hard to remember Greek name. She said she was thrilled to see her picture on the wall, mural sized, in the museum's Eniac exhibit.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work if network lets me
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