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Is Nothing Sacred?

Over on another journal, someone posted a thoughtful piece about that which is sacred. I replied with a comment that just as some people are color-blind, maybe some people are sacred-blind. Someone else replied to that with the opinion that someone who is sacred-blind would probably be a sociopath.

I don't want to start a flame war or embarrass the person who made that reply, so I'm continuing the subject here.

I am sacred-blind. I do not and have never had a feeling that anything is sacred.

For example: Most of the people I know will look at a beautiful sunset, sunrise, tree, waterfall, flower or maybe even a baby and think "How beautiful! Something sacred created this". I think "How beautiful! Where's my camera?" Except for the baby. I don't like taking pictures of babies, and don't think they are particularly beautiful. I don't believe in the power of prayer**. I don't believe in heaven, hell, angels or The Devil.

Am I a sociopath? Yeah, somewhat. But not in the way the person making the comment intended. I like to do things on my own, and prefer to observe and photograph rather than participate. But I do play well with others when I want to play, and there are actual videos and stuff floating around the Internet which document this amazing fact.

The comment also ignores all of the true atheists - the ones who don't say "I don't believe in God but I think there is a Higher Power of some kind."

It would be a dull world indeed if everyone believed as I do. Arms suppliers would have a much smaller market. Politicians would have a lot less to talk about. Much more charity $$ might get to those in need.

To me, nothing is sacred. YMMV.

** I do believe in the power of the human mind to help heal, so if someone believes others are praying for them, and that person believes in the power of prayer, it may just help them.
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