Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring Relief of Boredom

The work network was hosed again most of the morning, which made today's special project tedious because I needed to download a large file before I could start work. It also messed up the first test I ran.

But I was able to plow through a series of 5 of these:
1. Backdate the machine to a previous build (a different one each time)
2. Run a patch program
3. Check that the patch was installed
4. Update the machine to the current build
5. Test that the patch worked
Each backdate/update uses up about 10 minutes of thumb twiddling.

Somewhere in there I also needed to proofread the doc which will go out to customers with the patch.

If the network had been up I'd have been done by about 3, but didn't finish till after 6.

There are some stupid rumors being published by newspapers who ought to know better about what Google intends to do with Motorola Mobility after the acquisition is final, which looks to be in a week or three. I listen and laugh, because until they take over they are not allowed to say anything, especially to the media. OTOH I do not think the NY Post is much of a font of reliable information, and everyone traces back to that as their source. Rule of thumb - if you don't see it phrased differently from more than one source, it's probably BS.

All day I had a problem controlling my blood sugar. It was >320 this morning, despite  increasing my overnight insulin dosage by about 10%. It stayed in the 280 range, massive doses of fast-acting insulin brought it to 180 by lunchtime. A small lunch and more insulin got it down to 160. Normally I am <150. Had a bad headache late afternoon, when I got home I crashed for 3 hours, got up a little woozy and was down to 80, which is a bit low for me.

Egg drop soup and an It's It perked me back up.

Amazon bundled two unrelated orders which arrived this evening - a folding backpack (mine broke at Consonance) and a Kindle cover/stand. No mail, though.

maurinestarkey said she had more entries for the Contact Conference art show, so I pared down my offering to four 20x30's and ten 12x18's. They are all poster framed, the unused ones have been put into the closet rack, and the folding table is now folded and out of the way and will be back on the patio in the morning. It took up a lot of room. Now I need to haul everything into the computer room and make labels.

Plans for tomorrow:
Best Buy at 2, drop off the car to have the new in-dash unit installed
Maybe get to BofA to close the trust account. Plan B is do this Saturday.
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