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What was I thinking? Audition fever got to me. But the audition is for a summer show, which means being cooped up in a theater for every weekend between July and mid-August. I don't do summer shows. I am still making up for the Seattle summer deprivation of my childhood.

And it's not a show I like.

It's a director I adore, and a beautiful theater, and there are singing parts for old men. But summer trumps it all.

That last inheritance distribution is also coloring my thoughts. It is more than enough to take that trip to Thailand in July for the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps/Thailand, which includes dinner with a princess. §§ That trip would be the opening week of the show.

Last night's pickles all sealed well. They say to tap the center of the lids, but a better test is the screw-on bands (rings) - they were hand-tightened while hot, so if they can be tightened more after cooling (and shrinking) overnight, it means the lids are tight against the jars.

The nice thing about the mix is the pickles will be ready to eat after 24 hours instead of several weeks.

I've set all the clocks forward in the apartment which needed it. Some of them are getting an NTP signal and self-correct. Like my PC. The clock in the car needs it. zyzyly's post reminded me to invoke DST on the Nikon D300S.
. §§ Looking at air fares, SFO-BKK has doubled since I last went in 2008. It looks like July 7-22 is the plan. I could use a third week, but don't think I have enough PTO. I'll have to check when I'm back at work tomorrow.
So, no plans for today. I will stick the labels on the backs of the Contact Conference photos, and put the photos and their Post-It labels back in the closet until maurinestarkey wants them. And read more of Ajaan Somtow's Starship & Haiku.
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