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As I was sticking the labels on the backs of the photos (or, actually, on the backs of the cardboard backing), I notice two things. Many of the labels were cut off at the tops and I had forgotten to include my photo tag number (the number which the camera assigns to the image). And I was missing one label. I had forgotten to grab the Exif data for a photo which I have used in the show for a few years.

So I needed to do them over, as well as the post-it cards which will be seen on the display panel next to the photos.

When I opened the mailmerge doc which I had used to print the labels, it swore it had no idea where the Excel spreadsheet was which held the data. This has happened to me before, but it took a while to figure out that the spreadsheet needs to be open before the doc can find the data tables in it. Used to be the other way around - Word couldn't find the tables unless the spreadsheet was closed. Of course the error message is totally misdirectional, it wants to log into a SQL or ODBC database server.

Anywho, I added what needed to be added and did the reprints. The labels had to be done twice because I made the mistake of grabbing them hot off the printer, which smeared them beyond readability.

Now all the labels are in place with all the info, the Post-Its are in a ziplock bag taped to the back of one of the 20x30 prints and all are against the wall in the foyer.

I watched the Yusuf Islam DVD, astounded it was made in 2007 and I'd just heard of it now. The interviews are fascinating and disturbing and make sense of his life's weirdities. I think the weirdest thing, even more weird than his rejecting music for 25 years because he thought Islam demanded it, is why he chose the name Yusuf. Jews know him as Yoseph, Christians as Joseph and Donny Osmond as the recipient of the amazing technicolor dream coat. Cat Stevens chose this name because of what he read in the Koran about Yusuf's trials and tribulations and redemption. The same story is in his Christian Bible, one wonders why he doesn't seem to know that. In the interview he talks like this is a relevation only known to the Koran.

He's a genius, and he's crazy, and lucky for us he is crazy in a constructive way. In many constructive ways. The DVD includes a concert where he sings many of his most popular tunes from long ago, and some new ones. His voice is almost the same - a tiny bit warmer and a lot more relaxed. His guitar playing is far better than I remember it. His new songs are not preachy, his old songs mostly fit right in with his new religion. Peace Train is his favorite, and he has hacked it into a blues/jazz version which doesn't work for me. He sings it both ways, he's not throwing out the old to make way for the new. He also has written a sequel to it, which is pleasant but not as powerful. For me by far the most touching new recording is Father & Son, which has always been my favorite. There were times I wished my father could sing, so we could record a duet. If I could find someone to do it with me, it could easily be Found Filk. Someone who plays a sing-along-able instrument.

The DVD has beautiful production values, the surround sound is superb. And it's great to hear Cat Stevens again. A Cat by any other name...
At 5 I had not been outside yet. Blame DST. Took myself to the supermarket where the already cheap pistachios were on sale for 50 cents a pound off. Drove by Cheetahs but they weren't open yet. Went to the Starbucks at the Mercado and caught up on LJ, FB and Twitter. There was much eye candy, but the only seats were facing out the front window, so I missed a lot of it.

Back to Cheetahs, enjoyed the show for a couple of hours. Met a potential model. She'll look at my stuff on Flickr and let me know.

Home, dinner was sausages on hot dog buns & baked beans. And pistachios. And a mint chocolate chip Klondike bar.

Logged into the work PTO site and saw that as of July 11 I will have exactly enough vacation time for the Thailand trip, but none to spare. And on the EVA airlines site I have 11,000 of the 12,000 points needed for the trip, I'll have to call them to see if I can buy that last 1,000.  And it turns out I need to send a donation to Peace Corps for the Princess event. $50 should do it.

I tried a pickle from last night's batch. It's not as crispy as I'd hoped, but give it time with the grape leaves in the jar. It did have enough of a bite, but not too much. I'll pack some for a snack at work tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am team meeting
BASFA, probably.
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