Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Exciting Day At Work

Got to work way later than I wanted to - something to do with reading till 2:30 am. I talked to the IT guru, who gave me a totally unworkable plan for performing some tests. I asked around my team, and one of them reminded me of a handy program called tcpdump which would let me run the test in a simple, painless way.

And then I ran the first test a few times, I think it failed but I need to talk to the engineer who designed the feature for a reality check.

Meanwhile, a simple no-brainer, easy to fix bug I filed was rejected by a developer, who mistook a previous bug fix for being opposite of what I was requesting. He thinks he is going to re-write the specs to say that the BAD is really GOOD. I've replied to him twice, but will pass it on to my boss, who can override him in the bug fix meetings. It's an easy fix, and it's a big WTF that the developer broke it on purpose. The good news is the project is months away from completion, I have plenty of time to have my way.

Lunch was at Andy's BBQ. Should have gone yesterday when they had beef ribs. The baby back ribs are very good, but over-priced.


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