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I almost bought an ASUS Eee tablet on impulse this afternoon, because it is presented as being a netbook with what looks like a standard fold-up keyboard. But it's a tablet with a fold-up docking station. In other words an oversized smartphone without the phone part.

Oh well.

In other news, I was successful in putting the POIs from my stand-alone Garmin into an SD card which the in-dash GPS can read.

Lots of things resolved at work. The head of our customer on-site troubleshooting team assured me that I'd found a bug. It took a lot of time and tedious "push 'go' and wait for 15 minutes" to run the tests I needed to satisfy myself that I'd tried all the combinations, but in the end a new check box on the user interface doesn't turn something on and off which it was supposed to.

Had my 1-on-1 with the boss, mostly wrapping up the two bugs I have open, and making sure I got the message about an engineering meeting for a feature for which I'll be writing test cases eventually. I usually don't go to those, but this feature is Special™.

Lunch was at Coco's, which I saw at the basfa meeting had corned beef & cabbage for the week. I love good corned beef, can tolerate cabbage in corned beef juice. It was far and away the worst cut of corned beef ever. The way they cut it, it was mostly fat & gristle, and only about 1/4 of the meat was edible. It was cooked well, though. My experience there is sending something back only gets you the same thing, more slowly. Also, the red potatoes they serve with the meal are wrong.

Maybe I'll try an Irish pub instead. Trouble is there isn't one within a lunchtime drive of work, and Saturday they will be drunken zoos. Maybe dinner tomorrow night?

The DVD of Barbarella I ordered arrived, I watched the first half hour or so when I got home. Well worth the $9. There is a lot more nudity than I remembered, but oddly enough the Jane Fonda scene I thought was right after the opening credits was further into the movie, but what she does during the opening credits is a lot more erotic than I remembered. There's also a lot more nudity among the extras, which I missed when I saw it in the theater. Looking at the release date, I bet I saw it on my 18th birthday. The rating system had just been put in place, and it was released about 3 weeks before my birthday.

Also arrived were a pair of biz card holders I bought for the conference, which I had only ordered yesterday. That was fast!

Bizcards are done. Time for dinner with Jane.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dinner at an Irish Pub(?)
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