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It was 9 am team meeting day, and I found that half the stuff was about my projects. We still ended 10 minutes early. The Belgians hardly said a word. They usually don't. I wish they would, they are both delightful guys, I've met one of them and worked with the other via email and phone in the past.

The CEO sent a letter around saying the Google acquisition has been delayed, China wants more time to look into it before they approve. Tomorrow was supposed to have been the deadline. I'm guessing it's a result of China not liking Google.

Spent most of the day trying to get the automation program to jump through simple hoops.Automation guy says "why bother, we already have scripts which do that?" Well, because I want to see how the system works.

Home, instead of going to BASFA I brought the work table back inside and put gaffer's tape on  all of the picture frame mounts because they have a nasty habit of falling off. Low quality frames, sloppily built and not QAed. They were better 3 years ago.

Plans for tomorrow:
Svale library for a talk on NASA's SOFIA project
Tags: photography, work

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