Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Doing The Numbers

It's not really buyer's regret, it's more bargainer's regret.

The Toshiba Ultrabook which I'm expecting to arrive today cost this:

Base $1,099
Tax $90
Shipping Free
= $1,189
15% restocking fee $165
Return shipping $25
Tax Refund $90
Return refund = $909

It has an i7 1.8GHz dual-core processor. I thought i7 were all quad core. So not nearly as big a speed boost from the i3 dual core 1.4GHz which is their base model

I got the i7 because Toshiba Direct does not sell an i5 or i3 with bluetooth, and I want to not have a dongle for the external mouse. 

Tiger sells the i3 with bluetooth for
Base $830
Shipping $25
Tax = none
= $855

And comes with 4GB RAM instead of 6GB.

So returning the over-powered i7 would only save me $55. For that difference I may as well keep it.  I don't need the extra memory - it will eat some battery life - but according to Toshiba's specs, both units are the same battery life, the same weight and the only thing the more expensive machine doesn't have which the less expensive one does is something called Intel WiDi Display. WiDi allows streaming to the laptop from a compatible blu-ray DVD player which I (a) don't have and (b) don't want.

So I'll keep the i7, and only slightly regret that I would have saved $334 had I known about the Tiger Direct bargain in the first place.

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