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More scripting at work. Stupid network delays made perfectly good scripts stop at random places. Feh.
Lunchtime PO trip to mail two eBay sales. Should have added some nominal shipping charge because the two came to about $23 for a gross revenue of $200. Wasn't really going for income as much as getting a couple of photo items out of the apartment I don't use. Moto Bionic phone did not sell, didn't even get watched. Lowered the price a tad and re-listed. The two extended batteries alone retail at close to the base price.
Then a message to pick up a package at the apartment. Turned out stoopid Garmin tech support in Germany required a signature for a free replacement SD card. It worked, though. Except it apparently has to stay in the GPS, which means I don't get my POIs. Will be emailing support about that, because it sucks.

At about 5 my PC decided once again that it was not connected to the Intranet. Too late to call IT. I could get to LJ and FB just fine, so did. It came back at a quarter to leaving time, but that let me do one more script.

Home, the sleeve and retractable USB cord from Amazon were at the door. The ultrabook fits into the sleeve exactly, no room to spare, and both fit into the case, which was what I was hoping for. So the case with the mouse and power brick and assorted cords and headphones can stay in the car and I'll just take the computer out in its sleeve, and pocket the mouse when I am SBUXing. BTW, bought 100 shares of Starbucks, kicking myself I did not do so a week ago when it was $5/share less. The price has doubled since the start of the year, for no apparent reason.
But I like what their CEO said about same-sex marriage, very publicly and gracefully,

and even though they pay a crap dividend, I want to own a piece of them. Friends in Seattle email me each year about the fab stockholders' meetings, maybe next year I'll go up there for that.

The clock just chimed midnight, so time to wish susandennis a happy birthday. The good news is there's a Mariner's game. The bad news is it is in Tokyo, 3:10 am PDT.  They play the A's today and tomorrow. Maybe the Seattle station will play it on a delay.
It has been raining all evening. Wind blowing hard too. Went out tonight, had to dodge pieces of trees in the road.
Plans for tomorrow:
Same old same old @ work
Computer History Museum for a reception & talk. Food will probably be gone by the time I get there. Last time it was vacuumed up by 6:15. :-(
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