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No Brag

Finished the automation project, automation guy gave it his blessing and it is now part of the framework. Now I need to find four more test cases to do.

Lunch was at Thaibodia, woefully understaffed, worst Thai fried rice in the Bay Area. Except for the ones which use brown rice. #Gagme.

Boss' meeting ran late, so 1-on-1 delayed till tomorrow.

After work, Computer History Museum, member's reception and book talk by a writer about Bell Labs. Writer was a dull speaker, interviewer kept us from falling asleep. Got there at 6, plenty of food but nowhere to sit. They really need to figure out a way to put tables & chairs out in the lobby.

Plans for tomorrow:
Little Sister is flying in from SEA at about noon. She'll drive to where I work, I'll take her to lunch, and to pet Domino & see my messy apartment, then back to work. She will drive to SCruz for an overnight followed by a one-day workshop. Really looking forward to seeing her and showing her where I work. Her workplace is top secret, so I can't visit her there.
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