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Who Knew?

The highlight of my day, and maybe week, was the visit from my little sister, who flew into SJC on her way to a gardening workshop tomorrow in Santa Cruz. She arrived at my work at noon, but everyone on my team had gone to lunch. I gave her a tour of my cubicle and the lab, showed her a couple of video magic tricks, then took her to my favorite little Thai place for lunch (she loved it) and then to my apartment where Domino got more than enough affection to last her.

And I gave her a small bag of goodies, which she got a kick out of.  Back story is when the 50 state quarters started coming out I would buy two sets, one for me and one for her. When they ran out of states I think I may have sent some Presidential dollar sets, but those were kind of lame and expensive. When Mom got sick, I stopped browsing the US mint site. That was 2010. The mint decided to make more quarters, for US territories and national parks. My sister is a huge parks fan. A few months ago a mailer from the mint told me about those, so I bought a pair of 2010, 2011 and 2012 sets.  So those were in the bag for her.

Last Christmas a cousin who used to live in Santa Cruz but is now in Boston was looking for additional income, so she knitted scarves and hats and such, and sold them at holiday fairs. She had a matching scarf and hat unsold, so I bought that from her, and that was also in the bag. Sis spins her own yarn, and looms things, and loves anything along those lines which is hand made.

Back to work, where she had a chance to chat with my boss and the Israeli IT guy who sits in the next office, at the same time - open doors and we were right outside in the hallway. IT guy was thrilled when Sis said she had been to Israel a couple of times. She had some interesting answers to his questions about places there she had been. She wrapped up with a joke, which I think I may have told her:

 A Texas farmer visits a farm in Israel, and starts bragging about how big his farm in Texas is. "Why, if I leave home at 6 am, it may take me three days to drive completely around my farm". The Israeli farmer says "It used to be the same for me too, but then I had the truck fixed."

She is a very people person, and the fact that she is an engineer and understands what kind of work we do, she had some good conversations when I took her around to meet the team members. I had always thought of her as shy, but she talked a blue streak, and is very much a people person, it turns out. I'd never seen her interact with strangers before - she has a gift for it.

At about 3 I sent her on her way south, with a couple of hints to add to the directions she already had. She texted at about 5 that she got there okay. And emailed a photo later taken from the pier. Overcast, but not raining.

1-on-1 with the boss, he said he heard the team liked my sister, when can she start work? She probably would enjoy working there, but not living someplace so non-rural. Got some things to do from boss, which may help fill some of the time till my next formal assignment starts in May.

Was very tired, not enough sleep the last few nights (stayed up too late). Home, tried to crash but the first nap was only half an hour. Next nap took me to 9 pm.

Put a pizza in the oven while making an SD card with both the 2011 Garmin map and my personal points of interest on it. The map takes up 2GB, so I needed a 4GB card, which is SDHC. I'm not sure if the Kenwood can read that kind of card. Will see in the morning.

Plans for tomorrow:
3:30 - head for the Domain Hotel with my photos
Hang whichever ones they have space for, and attend the 6 pm reception.
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