Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday and I Forgot About The Donuts

Got to work about 10 minutes after the donuts were gone. Work was mostly research today.

No lunch break, left at 3:30 to go to the Domain Hotel and help set up for the art show at Contact. Chatted with a couple of the artists, walked to KFC for dinner, then back to the art show where there was supposed to be a reception but wasn't. I think a grand total of a dozen people walked through. There was enough room for me to hang all 15 of the photos I'd prepared. Also had a stack of 2012 calendars to give away, only one was left by the time we closed up at 9.

Office Depot called, apparently the laptop I'd dropped off at the Sunnyvale store to be picked up never was picked up. When they called the store (I was on hold - I should have been part of the call) she came back on the line to tell me the store manager says that model was out of stock. IDIOT. I straightened her out, and she said she would refer the case to a higher authority. A few hours later the higher authority called back, said the package would be picked up on Monday, and I would get my refund when it arrived.

These people are complete idiots, I will not be buying anything online from them again.
Also got a reply from the cretin at Garmin. I asked how I could use my POI data and my new map at the same time. Instead, he emailed me a cut and paste canned response to "how do I make a POI data SD card?" This time I replied in 30 pt. type, very simple words with key phrases bold and underlined.

Sis had a great time at her workshop in SCruz. I think the plan is to meet up in the morning before her 1 pm flight back to SEA. No idea why she isn't staying the weekend.

Also, the photo shoot I was signed up for tomorrow night was postponed till May. Organizer claimed it was due to photog cancellations and not enough attendees, but looking at the meetup.com event listings, all but one of the three sessions was sold out, and that one only had 2 out of 10 spots open. Probably the organizer wasn't able to book a venue (it was still TBA on the listings).

Plans for tomorrow:
Meet up with sister
Attend some of Contact
Tags: cons, family, photography

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