Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Wish It Had Been An April Fool's Joke

Every time I hear something about Obamacare and this debate about mandatory health insurance, I want to throw a shoe at the TV/radio/person.

Pardon my screaming, but Obama and Pelosi promised

National Health Care

Not insurance.

Like all the other countries which have socialized medicine, the plan was for the insurance companies to leave the medical world and try to make ends meet gouging us on car, home, life and flood insurance. I know they could eke out a tiny profit from those. The government would pay the doctors and hospitals directly, there would be no co-pay, no insurance premium, it would all come from taxes.

Very early in the debate the GOP cleverly flooded the media with crap about single-payer insurance, and the media obligingly changed the vocabulary from health care to health insurance.

All Obamacare does is encourage the insurance companies' gouging by forcing everyone to buy insurance. It's a 1% plan - with one hand give a small number of people with pre-existing conditions the chance to pay exorbitant prices for insurance, and on the other hand take away $$ from those who can least afford it by requiring them to BUY insurance.

Tags: medical, politics

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