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This popped into my head for no apparent reason:
A woman I met online drove up to meet me, sight unseen. This was in the days of Usenet when it was all text, no web. She drove a Jeep. I think I was living in Kirkland WA and she was living in PDX. Online she had described herself as petite and athletic. Yes to the latter, no to the former unless someone who is a wide-shouldered 5'8" in flats can be called petite.

I poured us both Cokes, using my traditional 3 ice cubes. She took them both back to the fridge, poured everything into the sink, then filled each glass completely with ice cubes, and poured the Coke on top to the rim.

She said she was a part time cocktail waitress, and that's how they taught her to do it.
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