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Day of Mon

Team meeting at 9, mostly a replay of last week.

Did some more research on something wrong with our automation database, automation guy fixed it as I was looking into it.

Picked a bug to verify as fixed which turned out to be an incompatibility with our app and MSIE 6.0. Nobody in our plant should have anything earlier than 8.0, but someone did, filed a bug, and it was fixed. Thanks to the molasses network we have in the building, the installer for 6.0 timed out trying to reach the MSFT server for the files. After work I took my laptop home, put it on my much faster proxy-free weirdnet, and it only took two hours of beating up XP and the registry to get it installed.

Lunch was at Sizzler. Love the chicken wings they have in the taco cart by the soup bar. Reading Water For Elephants, which is fascinating.

Made my annual ophthalmology appointment. The only opening they had happened to be perfect - next Monday late afternoon. The less of the work day with my eyes dilated the better. I recover very slowly from that.

After work went to Safeway and Rite Aide for a handful of sundries. One of them was a sprayer attachment for the kitchen faucet. Last night I was cutting up some celery and throwing the base parts into the disposal, when the spray attachment fell off into it. Chomped up the screw part pretty good. Got the replacement out of its package, and discovered there are not enough threads on the faucet to hold it. What I thought was a solid connection was not. Will have to get one which slides over the faucet neck.

Dinner was leftover shredded corned beef boiled with elbow macaroni, strained and then topped with goat brie. Delicious.

The Steve Goodman DVD arrived, and I watched it over dinner, which was not such a good idea because some his stuff and the interviews made me cry. Arlo Guthrie, John Prine, Kris Kristopherson, one of Johnny Cash's band members, Steve's agent. They missed getting Jimmy Buffet and Bobby Bare somehow.  I loved the section where he and an unseen interviewer go out to a spot overlooking Wrigley Field, which ends with Steve singing This:

A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request

The man was a genius, but oddly enough, I like the other singers' covers of his songs better. Probably because other singers sing from the music, Steve sings from his head, and his head keeps changing the lyrics and tunes a little. A good example is City of New Orleans, which Arlo Guthrie made famous with a steady rhythm and smoothed out melody line. Goodman throws some different inflections into it, and sometimes words find their way into it which were not there last time.

There's a lot to be said for first impressions, I guess.

One thing which brought tears to my eyes is he invited Jethro of Homer & Jethro up to the stage, and after a totally misleading 16 bars of introduction, played City of New Orleans. And Steve was just beaming to be on the same stage as Jethro, and Jethro was just beaming to be picking this tune with the man who wrote it. Magic.

The DVD is a compilation of at least two Austin City Limits appearances an a couple of tracks from other places, including one early amateur recording session. Worth full price.

Just finished a project of ripping several CDs from some of my favorite Thai singers to the iPod. The iPod is my car's music player, it plugs right into the in-dash system. Today I was listening to Ploy's  Worm Eye's View album, and could not find a track I was sure was on it. It's a very sweet tune called Special Song, in which she gives her boyfriend a tape or CD and tells him she wrote the song for him, he should play it and think of her, and she will think of him thinking of her. Or something like that. I thought maybe I had not copied all the songs from the CD, but looking at the CD track list, I had copied them all. I found the tune on her third album, The Girl in the Window. So I grabbed all her CDs, and the ones from Ann and Bua Chompu and the one from New & Jew and slurped them into iTunes and synced them to the iPod.

All four artists have lots of sings I like. But it is time to go on eThaiCD.com and buy some more compilation new artist CDs and find some fresh talent.

Plans for tomorrow:
After work - who knows?
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