Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This is awkward

The netbook is on the desk where the keyboard normally is, and the keyboard is on the keyboard drawer below which I rarely use, but when I do I use it as a writing surface. The mouse is on the same level as the netbook. What makes it most awkward is the keyboard drawer doesn't pull out far enough.

It took some finagling, but I managed to map my network backup drive on the netbook, and am using Perfect Image to make an image of the disk onto the network drive. I already have made both a recovery CD and USB drive. It has two hours to go, so I'll head off to bed soon, and do the drive swap/recovery tomorrow. If that goes well I'll also do the same to the Ultrabook.

Work was another festive day of finding bugs which are now features. At lunch time we went to The Greek Place, six of us, and I had the lamb tenders, which weren't. First piece was all gristle, one other was half that way. Overcooked - all of them. I wanted lamb shank, but they didn't have it on the menu this time. Probably saving them for Passover.

Home after work to wait for commuter traffic to die down, then to SJ, near SJSU stadium to Ark Art Gallery to see didjiman's photos. Small space, lots of art and non-art, no artist was allowed more than 3 items. The jazz band was okay, but way too loud. All of them were amped, and should not have been, in that small echoing space. Man playing a bassoon as if it was a sax. He was flat on the low notes. Just enough to catch my ear, not enough to be grating. On their break the bass player struck up a conversation as I was looking at some photos on the wall. I was staring at them because they claimed to be "silver gel prints" which is another way of saying standard B&W photos. The artist had mounted them in lovely oak diorama boxes, and ruined the whole effect by putting a piece of glass, ground with images of trees, in front of each box. It made her quite nice photos quite impossible to see clearly.  ANyway, bass player said he was from Leschi in Seattle, which was a big part of where I grew up.

Home, hooked up the external CD/DVD drive to the netbook, installed the backup software, and when I hit a snag with getting it to see the network drive, I made opened a can of clam chowder, and heated up some fish sticks for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish the netbook drive sawp
Maybe start the Ultrabook drive swap.

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