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Clone Wars

Last night I made a recovery CD, recovery USB drive and full backup image of my netbook's hard drive to my network drive, using Perfect Image. All went well, this morning it was all done. PI strongly recommends backing up to a network drive instead of a physically attached one.

Popped the HDD out of the netbook, popped in the SSD, hooked up to power and network, and booted from the recover USB drive.

The restore program came up, but it did not know there was a network. I tried hooking the netbook to the backup drive with USB, but it didn't recognize that connection either.
The meant I would have to do the clone thing, take both drives, put them into my tower PC, and use PI to clone them over the SATA connection. This is actually much faster for data transfer than the network, but I cringed at the thought because I did not know if I had any more SATA power connectors.

Opened up the tower, and just as I was about to give up, because there were no free SATA data ports, I started wondering why there were none free - traced some of the cables and remembered that my two optical drives are SATA. Right there on top. I unhooked those, and plugged in the two drives. And then I thought I had shot myself in the foot, because I should have waited until I installed the PI software from the CD. But wait! I have the external USB optical drive right here from using it to install PI on the netbook.

So, installed PI from the external CD drive, and it was a piece of cake to start cloning from the Toshiba HDD to the OCZ SSD. Estimated time: a little over an hour. Half of that is gone now.

When It's done I'll put the SSD into the netbook and see what happens. If all goes well, I will do the same with the Ultrabook's 128GB SSD --> OCZ 240GB SSD.

This morning I was at Top Hair & Nails a little after 10, got an 11 o'clock appointment. Went next door with the Ultrabook to Clocktower, and neither that or the phone could connect to their wi-fi. Everyone else was having that problem. It was a LONG wait in line for iced tea and a bagel, because there was only one person running the show, instead of the usual 2 or 3.

So now every alternative to Starbucks which advertises free wi-fi has let their router go to hell. Most of them seem to have merely stopped subscribing to an Internet ISP, Clocktower's router is just plain broken.
Meeting Janice for coffee at 5 and going to ace photographer Rich C.'s birthday bash at 8 or 9.

No plans for tomorrow. Maybe I'll take the train somewhere.
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