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Finally got the cloned drive to work in the netbook. Long story short, the stupid clone program moved the blank, unformatted 4GB of space to the front of the drive and made it the boot partition. The software has a cleverly hidden, but once you find it very simple widget for deactivating any partition and activating any other. So it was just a matter of deactivating the blank section and activating the one which has Windows on it. Now it works fine.

The main purpose for this exercise was to replace the biggest moving part in my travel laptop with a non-moving part.

I have decided to put off doing the swap with the Ultrabook, which would upgrade it from 128GB solid state to 240GB. I think I will instead return the second SSD drive and buy a 360GB SSD. Amazon has a good price, maybe Microcenter will match it. Fry's won't - they don't stock that size. Come to think of it, neither does Microcenter, according to their web site, but I'm petty sure I saw it in the store.

Had coffee with Janice at 5, then home to read for an hour. I put the harness on Domino and brought her out on the patio, but she was not happy and went inside after 5 minutes. The leash is way too short, but it's clip-on, I can get one of those reels.

Almost done with Water For Elephants. it just keeps getting better. I don't want it to end, but it's got a built-in HACF.

8:30 I took off for SJ and photog Rich C.'s birthday party. Only two of the models he invited showed, one is his girlfriend, the other brought her bad-boy boyfriend. Many pretty makup artists, but all the women were significantly othered. I had a nice chat with his GF - turns out she graduated from the UW in business admin. She started the conversation when she saw my UW alumni band t-shirt.

One fellow there had halfzheimer's. On three separate passes through the room I stopped to chat, and each time he told me the same story about jury duty. Word for word.

There was a nice spread of food, everyone brought something, though most brought wine or beer. A German photog brought a mini-keg, but he had bounced it too much coming up the 2 flights of stairs, and much of the beer ended up going down the drain. He was smart enough to open it in the sink. He starts his new job at MSFT in Redmond next week. This will raise the cumulative IQ of both places.

Bailed at about 10:30. There was not much traffic, but what there was drove either way too slowly or way too fast. And there were at least three bozos who thought it was a great idea to drive in the lane to my right, parallel with me, and match my speed. Makes me wish I had side rocket launchers.

So, what to do tomorrow? A train ride might be nice. Probably not, unless it is a short one to Sacto. The schedules are so thin that most automobile day trips take a full weekend on the train. Unless one takes the Amtrak Thruway buses, but that's not nearly as fun as a train ride. I get carsick trying to read on a bus, not on a train though. TSA has made day trips way too annoying as well. I'm not sure when I have a free weekend again. Next weekend is Songkran, 21-22 is robo games, 27th is roller derby, May 5 is free, but the following Saturday is National Train Day, so I'll be taking a trip that weekend. I'm usually more of a hermit than this.

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