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Happy returns, but not many

Got to work way early so I could sneak into the lab with Windex and a cleaning rag to clean the window in front of my cube on which some bozo had written with EZrase marker and then tried to use EZrase cleaner to get it off. It got the marker off but left a messy blob on the window.

And I needed to chat with automation guy about a couple of things before the 10 am team meeting. And to call Toshiba support which set me up with a much newer driver for the Ultrabook's wifi.

Somehow we managed to stretch 15 minutes of information into an hour at the meeting. There was supposed to be an engineering meeting I was invited to in the same room right after, but no one showed up.

I filed a few bugs, and immediately got flack from the project manager. Lately he seems to be in goaltender mode.

My new cell phone was delivered to the apartment office at about noon, so at 1 I went to get it, spent the next hour and a half starting to set it up, and then was off to the opthtalmologist for my annual "how bad is Howard's retinopathy?" exam. My eyesight has gotten worse in my left eye, I missed one of the characters in the middle of the last line. After my eyes were dilated and had bright lights shined into them, I was pronounced "the same" and reminded to keep my blood sugars under control. Which they have not been. And that makes me wonder. My blood pressure has been, and I expect that's also an important factor.

It had gone from 70F and sunny to 68F and overcast with steady 20 mph winds, but it was still very bright with my eyes dilated. I picked up an insulin prescription, which needed to go into the fridge so I went home and sat in the dark with the cat for a while. It still hurt too much to watch TV, let alone work in front of the computer, but I figured it would be okay to take care of a couple of refunds and go to Costco.

Microcenter, returned the 240GB SSD which I figured was not worth putting into the Ultrabook. Will wait till the price comes down on the 360GB, which only one vendor online seems to have in stock. Fry's, returned the copy of Norton Ghost which I didn't need because I was able to beat Perfect Image into submission.

Then to Costco, my eyes were still making my brain hurt, but their lighting is a mile high in the ceiling, so not very intrusive. The place was a bumper car race with random pedestrians and children running around. One would think it was the Thursday before Easter. I only had three things on my shopping list:

Cheeses really was two or three things. I always buy the big carton of Kraft American Singles, and then it's a toss-up whether I get Swiss, muenster, sharp cheddar or brie. Or something else.

Out the door with $140 worth of items, napkins were not one of them. I realized I had bought napkins my last groc outing. Pistachios were <$5/lb, so I had to buy a bag. Bagels had just come out of the oven. Which required cream cheese. String cheese was on sale, so was muenster. I'm almost out of chocolate syrup, and the big 2-fer is less than a single one at Safeway. Two gallons of 2% was $1 more than 1 gallon at the other stores. I will be drinking  a lot of milk until Use By April 26. Pre-cooked bacon as a nod to Barenaked Ladies. AA and AAA Duracels, which would have been on my list if I'd been thinking. And 4 packages of butter, because I'm almost out of margarine and it's a toss up which one will kill me faster. And finally, a 12-pack of those cute little square tissue boxes. More expensive than the large format ones, but they fit on a desk better.

It was cold enough to not need to worry about things melting, so I took myself and the Ultrabook to Denny's to test the wi-fi driver. Amazing improvement. Where I was getting no connection before, now it hooked up immediately, stayed connected and was pretty fast. Yay! I was able to set up Kindle for the PC and continue reading AL, Vampire Hunter. By about 8:30 my eyesight was back 95%, only 4.5 hours after they were dilated. They keep telling me it should only be an hour.

There is still a lot of phone setup to be done, getting my own ringtones in place is always a hurdle. Most of my apps downloaded from Google without me having to do anything. And there are still croissants to bag & freeze.

Plans for tomorrow:
Play with new phone
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