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Calendar Boy

Took my time getting to work this morning, but did check work email when I got up Just In Case. Plowed through a lot of test cases, some with the help of my Russian buddy, who knows all. 1-on-1 with boss was mostly to talk about my progress getting engineers edumacated to what really happens at the customers' sites. And he reminded me that Sunday is the big Songkran festival at the Thai temple. And he talked me out of going to the one in San Bruno, which apparently is, like Berkeley's, just another house in a neighborhood.

Lunch at China China, the Chinese-Japanese-Korean buffet.  Almost drove to MV to pick up the replacement car alarm remote, but it was still looking wet out there. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Saturday.

After work took the Ultrabook to Starbucks, wrote the short plays review, and when they started straightening chairs and wiping down tables at 7:50, I figured they were getting ready to close at 8. So I packed up, time to go home anyway, and peeked at the sign - they are open till 10:30. Nice to know.

Edit add: I forgot to explain the subject line. I spent an hour or more plugging the dates of events for my July Thailand trip into Google calendar and a notepad file I keep on the phone. The purpose of the drill was to see if there was enough free time to get to Phuket for a couple of days. The answer is yes, if I blow off the final dinner, or return on Wednesday instead of Saturday. The latter would only cost me three days of PTO under our current system. Which may not be our current system for very long.

Plans for tomorrow:


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