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It's raining quite hard, and there is the occasional thunderclap and more frequent rumblings. Rare for around here. If it doesn't clear up and warm up by Sunday, that'll mean no Songkran festival for me this year.

Work beat me up today. Engineering is no longer concerned with having the best possible product, if it means taking engineers off of future development work to fix things which are not show-stoppers. Several bugs I submitted got either changed to "no bug" or the lowest possible priority. Sad. Very sad.

At lunchtime I drove to Mountain View to pick up a replacement remote for the car alarm. It paired with my remote, but would not control the alarm itself. This is the third try to get this out of production remote, so I arranged to have a newer alarm controller installed Saturday.

Lunch was at a round table pizza on the way back  - just in time for the last of the buffet. They don't put as much stuff on their pizzas as they used to.

After work was YOTB rehearsals. I had not touched my horn since September, but it didn't sound that bad. My lip didn't quite make it all the way, but that was mostly because the last two numbers we played were way at the top of the Baritone's range, very hard on the lips.

I heard the first thunderclap while I was watching the news, they were showing a mock high speed rail train artist's conception video, and I thought the thunder was a sound effect for the news item. But when I played it back on Tivo, it had no audio, just the news reader's voice.

So I went out on the patio, left the door open because I figured if Domino came outside the rain would stop her from leaving the patio. It did for a minute, then she walked between the bars and out into the wild. There is no shelter, just some bushes. After about 5 minutes I went out and found her right near the patio, and she ran back into the apartment of her own accord.

Plans for tomorrow:
More rain
More work

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