Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Alarming Day

Today's adventure was going to Custom Audio in MV, a 20-minute drive, to get my car alarm replaced with something not obsolete. This after being unable to get a replacement for the car alarm remote - they just don't make them anymore.

Dropped off the car after paying for the alarm, parked myself in the Peet's two blocks away, and played with the netbook (which needed some serious updating) and read more of Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It's not nearly as exciting a book as the title suggests.

About two hours later, the car was done. After a quick demo I drove it home, but when I got out and closed the door, the alarm didn't auto-arm. This is a setting only the dealer can do, so back to MV.

It took two techs and a special hand-held unit and 20 minutes to get the program to take. I pulled out of the parking lot, and halfway down the block noticed the GPS/radio unit was not getting any power. Pulled over and re-started the car, no dice. So back to the shop, where the main guy pulled the unit out of the dash (a major undertaking), and in half an hour after re-seating the main connector, it was working again. Sort of. Loss of power meant loss of all its programming, so I went to a parking lot downtown and spent an hour setting all the radio presets, pairing the phone, downloading all the iPod info and so on.

Moved the car to an indoor garage, and walked around MV for exercise & eye candy. It was sunny with a nippy breeze. Sat on a park bench at the centennial plaza by the train station and read. Walked around some more, checking for Google wi-fi signals as I went. Not able to make a connection anywhere on Castro Street. What a crock.

Headed home, but it was still early so I went grocery shopping. Ice cream, bananas, oranges, turkey franks. A 24-pack of cup-o-noodles for <$7 much less than the 50 cents they are most places.

Home, watched the latest The Mentalist, which annoyed me because it was another of those Hamlet analogs. High school play is Hamlet, the killer is caught by changing some of the words of the ghost's tale. Lame, and I don't like Shakespeare's plays anyway.

Somewhere during the day I donated £50 to my English cousin Mike's marathon run tomorrow. It's the Brighton Marathon, and he's running to raise money for the MS care center where his sister Shana gets her therapy. One of the many programs the National Health is sorely remiss in supporting. I think I put him over his 1k goal. Read all about it and donate here. He has run some 10k races for her, but this is his first ever marathon. He has been training for months.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wake up early (for a Sunday)
Get to the Wat in Fremont before 10 for the Songkran festival. Take lots of pictures, eat some Thai food, chat with friends.

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