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Getting a Tangent

Routine testing at work, it was a nice sunny warm day so at lunchtime I looked at my to-do list and on it was a trip to Custom Audio to have them fix yet another thing on the car alarm. So far each time they fixed one thing, they broke something else. This time it was the lights did not flash when the alarm armed and disarmed. It had been working before I brought it in to them last weekend to fix the auto-arm not working and then a few minutes later the radio going dead.

It took about 20 minutes for the guy to find he had crimped a wire in such a way that it broke, so he re-attached that, and off I went. Stopped for lunch about 3 miles down the road, when I got back to the car it would not unlock. The alarm would disarm, but the doors stayed locked. Back to CA and it took half an hour for him to fix yet another broken contact. It was a nice warm sunny day, and I stood outside through all these repairs, so at least I got some vitamin D and skin cancer enhancers. I think we're done, but one never knows. I've had the car out twice and the alarm seems to be okay, except the remote is showing PST instead of PDT. BFD. I'm pretty sure I can fix that myself.

Back to work, and soon after I'd run one fun test which "forced" me to listen to a variety of music channels for half an hour, automation guy asked me to join him for lunch. Lately he has been eating lunch at 4, because between meetings and scripting that is usually his first chance, and if he doesn't eat the lunch his wife made, she hurts him. Not really, I've met her a few times, she's very sweet. Which is a better reason.

And then he picked my brain for about 90 minutes on various things. Which is when I noticed that the apartment had emailed - I had two packages to pick up, neither of which should have required a signature. So I wrapped things up on the computer and got those.

Home, previously cooked turkey leg with sliced apples, which I put on a little bit of sourdough bread. Once again forgetting to cut up the celery in the fridge for appetizer. Tomorrow.

Tried to refill a Kaiser prescription online, but the prescription web site was still down (it's been down for at least 2 days. I think they sent a memo, but it was so long ago I forgot what it said).

Took myself out to a night club, watched the pretty dancers, managed to not be asked during my 2 hours there if I wanted a drink. Staff also was not clearing empties off the tables. When they started playing jungle music with highly obscene lyrics, I left.

Still getting a steady stream of pings from the Thai dating service. So far only three were spam - all from countries other than Thailand inviting me to hook up with them on Yahoo Chat.

I have an email conversation going with someone whose handle is Thai for "polite". Her real nickname means "a cut" or "a wound" - I know it sounds weird but it's not about hurting herself, it's usually something about a mark or blemish she was born with. She asked if I really spoke Thai, and I recorded a video of me doing that for 30 seconds (the site limit) but so far it has not been made public. I suppose I should put something on my web site. Audio may be better. Easy enough to make an mp3.

The packages were a new pair of Brooks shoes, to see if they fix the painful knees from the New Balance shoes, and 20 packet of cat treats. Domnio goes through one every two weeks, so they will last a while. They don't go stale, and even if they did she would still eat them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hang out at Starbucks

Tags: car, cats, sociology, thailand, work

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