Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More Hum Than Ho

Come to think if it, I used to work with a guy named Than Ho. Small world.

Interesting day at work, highlight was one of the more knowledgeable test engineers visiting me, scratching his head, because he did not understand the reason for a new feature which was mine to write the tests for. I had the same problem when I was assigned to the test cases, because the engineers gave it the wrong name. They chose a name which has been an industry standard for decades,  for something a little bit different than what the feature is.

After I explained it to him, and gave him a demo of how the feature really worked, he understood the tests, but was still scratching his head over how an engineer with deeper network training than us could have chosen that name. I would bore you with the details, but the feature is still confidential.

I am walking through the test cases, hunting for ones I can do, but spend more time looking through the database than testing.

Meanwhile, the annual ping-pong tourney is in its final stages, and for the second year in a row the guy who is (IMHO) the least skilled at his job is beating the crap out of all comers. I wish I could participate, but when I try to play, arthritis in my left knee tells me to sit down and watch.

Lunch was at the bad Chinese fast food place next to Starbucks. The girl working there looks 16, and even though this is a family business she must be older because she was working there 5 years ago, part time. I wanted to sit outside, 75 degrees and sunny, except for the outside table is in a wind tunnel which is in the shade all day.

Called EVA Airlines' 800 reservations number to try to change my return flight date, but the guy on the phone said there were no flights for that day or the next at the times I had booked. I went onto their web page and started a test one-way flight search, and there were definitely flights and seats available. When I asked him about upgrading to business class for my BKK-Taiwan leg, he said I would have to go to a ticket office. I thought he was a ticket office. I think tomorrow after work I may take Caltrain/BART to SFO and see what I can do at the ticket counter there.

So that and work will be my plans for tomorrow.
Tags: travel, work

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