Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Living in the Future Bites

My present is pretty darned good. Steady job w/benefits, and the weather is like summer.

But there are some things way in the future which I must wait for, and it is frustrating.

Thing the first - I have to move. My lease is not up till October.
-- The 9 speed car-killer bumps between the gate and my parking space.
-- The dishwasher which is too small and breaks down a lot
-- Patio door, which is the best exit to go to the pool or the office, does not have a lock
-- Patio fence cannot be made cat-proof
-- Kitchen counters suck dirt into themselves something fierce
-- No supermarkets within miles
-- Having to open a fire door and climb stairs to get from garage to apartment is getting old. It's especially bad when I have lots 'o' stuff or something heavy to haul to or from the car.

But I want to wait until summer is over, because the grounds are beautiful and there are two lovely pools.

Thing the second - trip to Thailand. The way the organizers have set things up, I may not have a chance to get to some places I really want to go.

Thing the third - For the next several weekends there are more events and things to do than I have time for.

Whine moan.

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