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Naked Breakfast

So I'm upstairs sitting at the computer at 8 am, in my birthday suit, as is my habit, when a ladder appears in the window. The blinds are mostly closed, but not enough to hide me from someone on a ladder a few inches away from the window. I walked out to the bedroom, closing the computer room door behind me, and hear another ladder being propped up against the bedroom window. This one has a heavy curtain closed across it, so nobody's going to see me.

They had told us they were painting the apartment building this week - the carport was done yesterday, along with power-washing the building and caulking/plastering as needed. But they were supposed to tell us when they were going to actually paint. And I don't think they were supposed to start so early in the day.

Took a shower, did the rest of my morning business, and was pleased to see they had put masking sheets over the windows. I finished up my computer session, had breakfast, then when the ladder was moved from in front of the door I went out to the car and in to work.

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