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Lights Out

It's 1:28, my apartment's lights are set to turn off at 1:30. I will push the magic button to turn them back on when that occurs.

It was a day of Fri. Work brought a new test to document and run. It was one of those which took a few seconds to set up, then push a button and wait 15 minutes. Then test to make sure pushing the button didn't change anything. And then change something and repeat the whole mishmash.

Went to Andy's BBQ with five of the gang, had the tri-tip sandwich because I didn't want to pay for and couldn't finish a platter. Took the meat off the buns - that was the whole sandwich, no tomato, lettuce, onion or anything. Not even a pickle.

After work Plan A went into effect: CalTrain to Milbrae BART to SFO. Lots of waiting because the train from my local station does not always stop at the Milbrae BART. Kind of a WTF, you would think all trains would stop there.

Left work at 6:30, got to SFO at 8:15.

Looked for the EVA desk, found it pretty quickly, except it was being the Air New Zealand desk (a whole row of them, actually) and the sign said EVA did not open till 9:30 pm. Found a food court, but was not thrilled with the lines. Not long, just not moving. At that end of the terminal there is a fantastic display of old microscopes. Probably about 70 of them. Took my time crossing the terminal through that display, found the other food court, which was not much better but I did manage to get won ton soup before 9.

Shrimp won tons FTW!

9:30, EVA, found the desk on the end for ticketing - the other dozen were checking people into their flights. The nice lady said she could not make reservation changes except for that day's flights, I would have to call the number I already had called. Since I had called the national 800 line, she suggested calling the SF office (I had that number). Will try that Monday. They keep office hours, not airport hours.

On the way back to BART there was another display, this one of old automatons. Toy-sized things like a bear which plays the cymbals, a man in a wizard suit playing hide the bean, lots of other neat antique stuff.

Except for the displays, it was a wasted trip, and they did not really make up for the 5 lost hours.

I don't know if it's all of BART, but that train which goes back and forth between Milbrae & SFO is disgusting. Filthy. The fabric cushioned seats are coming apart, I sat under a section of weatherstripping about 6 feet long which was hanging from the ceiling. And the noise through the tunnel is horrible, and has got to be way above OSHA-approved levels. 

Caltrain, OTOH, has some nice new cars, and is maintained pretty well. Except the first car I boarded on the trip home was sweltering - no air conditioning or fan, and the windows don't open. I switched cars and all was well.

I'm worried about my memory. My doctor's nurse called, trying to get me to come in for a blood pressure test. It is now about 25 minutes, from work or home, to her clinic. The central clinic which is HUGE is only 5 minutes away, but somehow she couldn't find a way for me to take the test there. I told her it was really not possible to do this, and besides, what kind of blood pressure test would it be if I'm rushing to get there and back? I told her I had a meter at home, and could take a week's worth of readings and fax them in. She was okay with that. She asked what my readings have been, and I remembered them being normal, about 120/65. Got home, pulled out the meter, and it was still in its case from when I moved in October. The batteries were dead. I was sure I had used the machine a few times since then, but obviously not. Took my BP and it was through the roof. Not surprising. I have gained weight, not exercised, and all which goes with it, since the new job.

It's just that I clearly remember using my home machine to take my BP recently. Argh.
Plans for later today:
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