Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hot Time

It got up to about 90° today. While it was getting ready to do that, I slept in, then had my nails done by The Princess, because my #1 manicurist was booked till 3. Waited at Clocktower, I keep forgetting to tell them their wi-fi is hosed. Wrote my Vampire Hunter review there, saved it till waaaaay later when I had a signal.

Drove to the San Mateo Fairgrounds.That was what was on the RoboGames ticket, but it turns out that's the other side of the complex, the games were at the conference center.

Parked way at the end of the buildings because I saw a big line, but that turned out to be for a cheerleaders' competition. Lots of chubby cheerleaders, and in an unrelated comment, most of them did not appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed. I know some very capable chubby cheerleaders, but these weren't them.

Robogames was in the next building. I had to get my wrist band in exchange for my ticket, no line at all. Will call and buying tickets line was a mess.

First thing I did was hunt down the barbots display, which was a challenge because it was at the far end of the building, and I had to push people out of the way who were blocking the aisle which was lobotomy-stupidly set between the grandstands and the main battle cage. There was no activity in the cage, and no prep for activity, but people were still crowded around blocking traffic. 

Finally got through. Well worth it. kproche's Thinbot was by far the best piece of workmanship in the place. I'm including most of the other bots, which were mostly Lego kits. The big battle bots also looked more thrown together than engineered.

Check out the animated gold medal he won:

GoldMedal_remix a video by how3ird on Flickr.</div>


And the Thinbot light show:

Thinbot_remix a video by how3ird on Flickr.</div>


I also liked the robot foosball machine:

Robo_Foosball_2 a video by how3ird on Flickr.</div>


The place was crowded and loud and a photographer's nightmare, ventilated but not air conditioned, so I left after about an hour. Decided to have lunch and cool off and get online at the nearby Denny's, but the place was sweltering and there was no wi-fi. I was on my way home when I remembered the car was all muddy from last week's parking i the swamp behind the Thai temple, so I went to my old local car wash.Then, parked myself  at what used to be my neighborhood Starbucks and got carbs and aircon and wi-fi. Stayed a long time.

Decided to shop next door at the new Fresh & Easy grocery. It's a bit high priced, they have no human cashiers, just machines, but the machines are pretty needy and a manager-level person has to be there whenever people are using the machines. I spent about $40 on things I needed, things I wanted and things which looked like they were worth a try. It's a mall store, the layout is pretty open, we'll see how long that lasts as they discover they are missing some yuppie essentials like cream cheese schmears.

Home, unloaded everything,  Domino trying her best to get stepped on while yelling at me. That's pretty much her life when I am in the apartment and not sitting. She is back to loving light whipped cream. And I found out she loves Port Salud cheese.

Dinner was a sesame bagel and cream cheese from Costco, with lox bits from Fresh & Easy punched into the cream cheese. Port Salud, followed by celery stalks dipped in blue cheese dressing. + Seltzer with lime squeezed into it. The limes at F&E were like rocks, so I passed. Need some more.

Thought about going to the produce stand for pickle cukes, but it is too hot to be boiling up pickles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thai Temple for lunch
Maybe meet Janice for coffee
Go to a park and enjoy the nice weather.

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