Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not So Hot Day

It cooled off to 77F, with a strong breeze. I went to the Thai temple, which was crowded, but at least there was parking and the food lines were manageable. 6 tokens for BBQ pork 7 sticky rice, 6 more for mango and sticky rice. 2 more for longan drink. 4 more for a pair of roti. That pretty much takes care of last week, I still have about 9 tokens from last year.

Took  while to find a place to sit, lots of kids playing on the benches. The round tables in the back were camp-outs for extended families but the picnic tables by the food stalls had a lot of turnover as people ate and left. And many folks took th food to go.

There were many non-Thais, the place is pretty popular just as a unique lunch spot.

Thought about stopping at Walmart and Ranch 99 on the way home, but forgot they did away with that exit years ago. Stupid change.

Home, hydrated, took care of some business online, grabbed the kindle and went to the pool. Sat in the sun and read for a while, lots of bikinis to look at but also lots of kids and moms and dads. Most of the hot chicks were speaking Russian. Not a lot of Indians at the pool, though they are probably the majority of tenants.

Called my Baltimore sister just as the Capitols clinched their loss.

At Starbucks across from the Computer History museum waiting for janice.

Plans for tomorrow:

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