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Just Another Magic Monday

Work, team meeting was routine. Got stuck on a simple test because some simple software was simply not working. I'll have to try it in the lab.
Lunch was El Pollo Loco, I like their greasy roast chicken. Tried a new side dish, sweet corn cake. Great idea, poorly executed. Bake corn kernels into corn bread. But instead of cutting it into squares, they scooped it out, and it crumbled into a pile of corn and corn meal. Tasted great, though.

Home, nap. With no cons in the area, I figured BASFA would be way crowded, so instead I went to Walmart in McCarthy Ranch and replenished my supply of body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and also picked up windshield washer fluid, a huge jar of Vlasic whole kosher dills, and a gallon of milk. Went over to Ranch99, but they close at 9. Thought that one was open till midnight.

Back home, looked for a place to store the soap-like objects, and discovered I actually had plenty of body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the compartment under the sink in the main bathroom. Now there's even more. ;-(

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Starbucks
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