Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Good News

Got a lot done at work, finally found a bug, and had it confirmed by the guy who had run the same test on the last release. Also finally got a loan of some equipment which had been tied up in an all-week test, just needed it for 15 minutes, but it took longer because IT decided to take the video network down for an upgrade. WTF? With half an hour's warning in the middle of the day when people are running long-term tests?

Lunch was at Thaibodia, one last chance to redeem themselves. The waitress did not speak Thai - she's Cambodian. Pat Thai had the wrong kind of noodles. Thai Iced Tea was not very strong. They're off my list.

One-on-one with boss, we confirmed that he will be in Thailand the whole time I am there. He showed me on Google maps where his house is. Turns out his eldest, whom I have not met, is going to become a monk and I'm invited to the festivities. We'll know the date later, and it depends on whether I have commitments elsewhere. Those are a blast, I would really like to see it.

And to top it all off, I got a raise. Not huge, but a decent chunk of change. It doesn't mean my job is secure, it just means the company finally followed through with its merit program (the raise is from last year's team performance).

It was raining hard when I left work, but still pretty warm, so I went straight home. Watched the rain from the patio, but no thunder/lightning this time.

In the mail was a bill from Sprint's collections company - which made me livid because I had just sent an angrygram to Sprint telling them to stop sending me bills for a phone I never used, and returned to them well within the 14-day approval period. So I gathered up all my paperwork, copied it, circled the appropriate areas, and wrote a nastygram to the collection company, which included the angrygram. Effing idiots.

Plans for tomorrow:
No idea
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