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Much A-don't About Something

Very weird events at work today. The bug I found turned out to be caused by fixing a bug a couple of months ago. I was the test engineer who verified that fix. One of the other testers recognized them as related, and I spent much of last night and today confirming that the new bug showed up in four different products right after the old bug was fixed. The engineer who did that fix is one of the nicer ones to work with, so I hate being the one to make trouble again.

They had the championship games for the singles ping-pong match yesterday, today was the best-of-seven for 5th and 6th places. My next door neighbor was in that, and it was very very close, but he lost. The other guy mostly just outlasted him.

Lunch at Denny's. GPS took me on the great circle route, probably 2 miles out of the way, just to get me onto the same side of the street.

Ranch 99 in MV after work, GPS sent me straight into an accident which had been on the road for at least 10 minutes. FAIL. I found my own alternate route, thankyouverymuch. MV used to be the one with the wide aisles, but now they have things stacked in so many places that they were blocking stuff I wanted to get to. And they did not have freshwater shrimp.

Home, put the NFL draft on Tivo, was appalled at the rude booing every time the Commissioner came to the podium. That is so last year, people. And had no place at the draft. Only 2 Stanford guys were picked. Boise State, OKlahoma, Baylor, Illinois, Notre Dame, LSU, S. Carolina and USC also had 2. 4 from Alabama. 7 DEs, 4 QBs, 4 WRs.

Plans for tomorrow:

Roller Derby in RWC
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