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Got some work done at work. Went with the gang to Japantown, Hukilau for lunch. I'd been there once before for a party. A couple of them had never been to Japantown before, which doesn't surprise me since it's way far from work, and I was pretty surprised we went all that way for lunch. Food was so-so. Service was excellent. Bright sunny day, after lunch we walked down the block exploring, found a ukulele store.

Kind of ran out of work at about 3, did my weekly report and left at 5 because I thought the roller derby in Redwood City started at 6. I got there before most of the players, but that got me a primo parking spot in an area where there isn't much. The doors don't open till 7:30. I walked to the library, read from my phone's Kindle app, then walked back to the car and got my real Kindle, and the only place in sight was a McDonald's, so I had a milk shake and read some more there. Back at the rink at 7:35 the line was more of a scrum, people were not reading the signs which said there was a separate line for will call. The nice lady at will call fixed that by shouting for will call ticket people, and moving the at-the-door payers to the other side.

It was already jam packed. I bet they opened at 7. Not finding any seats or places to stand where I could get photos, I decided to pretend to be official and stood just on the safe side of The Blue Line. It was sweltering in there, but halfway through the bout they turned on some air conditioning. Which they turned off at intermission. I stayed through about 15 minutes of the second half, but the combination of noplace to sit and heat/humidity got to me., It also was not very exciting. The good news is the person I went to see got a lot of rink time, and I got some good photos of her.

One of the more action-packed shots. More here[click]

Home at about 10, Domino keeps yelling at me. Very annoying. Watched the highlights of NFL draft round 2. Some interesting surprises. I like the 49er's pick.

Plans for tomorrow:
My morning photo shoot was canceled, so I may take the train to Sacto, and see the Redskunk Jypsee Jazz Band after playing tourist. They are a group I found on National Train Day a few years ago playing at the SLO station. They keep getting better.
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