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Coming And Going

- I'm old enough to withdraw from my IRA without the penalty.
- The credit card I have been using the most because it has a 0% APR goes to 16% next week
- Another credit card is still well within its 0% promo,has a cash back feature,  but it has a low credit limit
- My CU recently opened another 0% card for me, with a high limit. Balance transfers cost 3% but then fall under the 0% promo

A nagging voice inside me wants to pay off everything by selling some of my stock. I have some tax-free holdings which would do the trick. My IRA has enough cash in it, but guess what? The Feds would take 20% and the State 2% - 22% interest, disguised as taxes.

So I paid off card #1 with a balance transfer to card #3 , saving 13% over just paying the minimum, and 19% over an IRA withdrawal
And paid 2x the minimum on card #2 to avoid a penalty

Got my paycheck yesterday with the new raise. $23.02 more take-home every two weeks. Woot!

Might have been reliving my teen years, this morning I was in bed till noon. Sort of. I was online at 10:00 and did my morning drugs, but went back to bed. Up & showered at noon.

Punched a new massage place into the GPS, it proceeded to put me in the wrong lane several times, and did not warn about the usual mile-long backup to the Stevens Creek off-ramp from 880. It's supposed to automatically re-route me. Boo. Hiss. Took an hour for a 20-minute trip. And when I got there it was a sleezy looking place. I turned around and went to one across from Valley Fair which I'd been meaning to try. Much nicer, good CMT massage.

During the round the city tour I noticed a new Hooter's on Bascom, so on my way home I stopped in there for an early dinner. Very attractive waitresses, and friendly. This one has a policy where your waitress sits down at the table from time to time and chats. Very nice. Celery & blue cheese dip, clam chowder (was a bit too potatoed) and wings with Thai Honey sauce. They even had it written in Thai on the menu: น้ำผึ้ง, but I think they missed the tone marks. Tasted great. Key lime pie for dessert was good, but I keep forgetting how strong those limes are.

Home, read a lot, watched more of the NFL draft on TiVo, but halfway through round 5 ESPN stopped covering the announcements and went into full blown bullshit mode, which is not what I paid them good money for. And before you say anything, it's not on basic cable, so I pay Comcast who pays them.

Got a letter from Sprint from someone Back East who claims she has to talk to me personally.Between 8 and 5 Eastern time.  I'll be starting that call with "I'm recording this conversation". If she doesn't like it, she can ask me what she needs to ask in writing. The correct response to my letter would have been "We're sorry, we made a mistake, and you have a zero balance. We have told the collection agents to burn your file."

Domino has been as close to a lap cat as she ever gets, as long as I am either in bed or on the recliner. She gets all emo when I'm on the computer, yowls like a banshee. It's getting old.

Plans for tomorrow:

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