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Slept in, except for getting up in time to take drugs. Stayed in bed watching the DVD player update its firmware. Then watched a DVD. And checked out some Amazon Prime free video, to make sure the update didn't break anything. Read some more, with Domino curled in a little ball behind me. Which reminded me to change her litterbox.

Went out to the pool at about 3, found a spot in the shade, and read. Lots of bikinis out there, about 5 of them on bodies which are bikini-worthy. One of them was speaking Russian with a big guy who was wearing a Gold's Gym T-shirt. When he took it off to go swimming, it was clear he had not been in the gym lately. Looks like a former body builder, though. After an hour or so, the sun had hit where I was sitting, so I moved to the other side of the pool. This gave me a nice view of a couple who came in a few minutes later, with five kids. Mom & Dad were both tattooed over every inch of what was not covered by swim suit. Dad had portraits of three of the kids on his torso. Soon the place was filled with kids, time to leave.

I'm reading Orson Scott Card's Pathfinder. Except for him getting wrapped up occasionally in convoluted faux-time-travel logic, it's pretty good.  

Did the laundry yesterday, forgot to take the shirts out of the dryer. So I ran the dryer for a bit and forgot again till about 7 pm. I had one less load to do because my Walmart order arrived, a month's supply of new socks and undies. Threw out the old ones, which were starting to fall apart.

Parked myself in the recliner and read some more, then made a late lunch - fried 3 eggs and slapped them onto two pieces of whole wheat bread. Chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Watched what was on ESPN-U, a series of Grudin interviewing quarterbacks, one at a time. Half an hour per. His organization is called the FFCA - Fired Football Coaches Assn. Gotta love it. One of the QBs, a 6'7" [young] Elvis look-alike Brock Osweiler from Arizona State, was praised by the coach for his tattoos. One says "Live Life to it's Fullest". Coach did not notice the mis-used apostrophe.
A permanent reminder of a jock's education. Crap tattoo job, too.

While I was watching that, I was also seeing all the piled up boxes in the corner, from my online purchases. Finally got out the box cutters, broke those down and hauled them out to the dumpster. Much prettier livingroom that way.

Next up was the NC State spring football game, which I expect happened yesterday, but was definitely not live since the sun was out there, at 10 pm NC time. Early in the game the smoke alarm in my livingroom went off. I got out the ladder and pushed the reset button, but it kept chirping every minute or so. Called the emergency maintenance line, and got a callback in half an hour, the another half hour for him to get here. He had given me instructions on how to pull the battery and drain the capacitor which stores the chirp juice, but I didn't want to go all night without a working alarm. He put in a new battery, but it kept chirping. Apparently it works better if you don't put it in backwards. Not his fault, the +/- is almost impossible to see.

The Moto cell phone which sold on eBay last time for $160 but a-hole buyer did not pay, went for $200 this morning. It is boxed up and ready to ship.

In other news, there are three or four friends on FB who get all emo from time to time, and post a dozen or so in a row, allegedly inspirational quotes, pictures, poems, etc. Most of them tell me they are depressed and lonely. One of them also posts invitations to join her for dinner, but the place she picks is a total sleaze dump, and she wonders why she rarely gets company there. And then there's the one hard core unemployed person who posts every 3 minutes anything which catches his eye on the 6,284 web sites he regularly scans. Maybe once a day it's something interesting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, team meeting at 9
BASFA, maybe. I have an auction item which ought to fetch at least a quarter.
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