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Sleepless night, even though I went to bed way early, because I wanted to call Sprint at 9:30 Eastern. Woke up a few times, Domino didn't help, she was head-bumping me and being vocal. 4:30 I finally gave up trying to sleep, because both knees hurt a lot, so I grabbed a pair of cold packs, and slapped them on when I got the recliner reclined. Domino stared at me from the foot rest. Half an hour of that and then 4 Ibuprofen, then back to bed. Woke about 6, knees felt okay. Called Sprint at 6:30 my time, and was told the person who had sent me a letter Friday telling me to call as soon as possible was out of the office until Wednesday.

Looking at the letter again, the date on it was Feb 26. The date of the postmark on the envelope was April 26. The letter said to call between 8 and 5 Eastern Standard time. New Jersey is on Daylight time at the moment.

Between the cretin's absence and lack of attention to detail, tonight I gathered up all the paperwork, copied it, and sent it with a letter to the director of the organization saying (a) we will do this all in writing and (b) assign someone with an IQ greater than her shoe size to handle the case.

Dragged into work at about 8, 9 o'clock team meeting was weird because boss did not show, and nobody was able to make the conference call work until 10 minutes after. Boss' boss came in at about 15 minutes, and told us boss would be late, but we had not gotten the memo. After that the meeting went well, boss showed up eventually, and confirmed that my bug forced an extra build for two releases. Everyone was having trouble staying awake.

I did my usual morning email and FB and stuff, but by 11 I was thinking it might be best to go home. Something came up which woke me up for an hour, but at noon or so I drove home, took a nap for an hour, and then went to the PO to mail an eBay item, and then to work. I'd packed a bagel and cream cheese with lox which worked okay for lunch, along with a tangelo and some cracker jacks. I think what was going on last night was low blood sugar.

The rest of the day was fine, I was awake and had work to do, some of it around that bug. It was fixed in today's build of the first product. It didn't make it into today's build of the other two products.

Home after work, let Domino walk across my lap a few times. Walked to BASFA, which was not heavily attended, which made it more enjoyable for me. I got some good zingers in.

Walked back home, caught up on stuff, did some eBay, bought replacement parts for my soda siphon, wrote the nastygram to Sprint,  caught up on LJ & FB.

Plans for tomorrow:
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