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yourbob will get it. :-)

work today reminded me it's not easy to bite the bullet when you wear dentures. Short & sweet:. I was supposed to start writing test cases for this new feature. I didn't. But I did start the research part.

 Longer version: Months ago I was supposed to start writing tests for a new feature, but engineering had not even started working on it when the start date rolled around. Boss re-scheduled that start date to today. In the meantime he borrowed me to work on a different release. The new project was made more visible today with the release of the latest spec document, which did a great job of translating the formerly obfuscated engineerspeak into almostEnglish. I printed out the three pages of spec I needed, and went through it with highlighter. I was going to start writing when a new build of an old product came out, which I needed to run a test on, and then it was time to go.

This is going to be blind writing - the machine needs a license to run this feature but there is no license generator available yet. The GUI will have things grayed out or active, depending on several conditions, but the GUI doesn't have the feature yet. And I don't have a machine with the new! improved! circuit board which the feature requires. But at least the new spec gives me enough to start. Tomorrow.

I need to ask boss if I should bother correcting the three or four typos in that section of the spec.

Lunch was at a Korean BBQ place next to the Rite Aid, because I had some shopping to do. Exciting things like air freshener, eye drops, 3-outlet AC adapter, spray adapter for the kitchen sink, and since they were half price, macadamia nuts.

Han Sung is an interesting place. Clean, lots of room, big banquet room,  solid wood furnishings. The place setting is a napkin and a soup spoon with a long handle. The spoon has a paper cover on it. I forgot th way lunch works there, it's kind of daunting. You order a main dish, and when they bring it, they also bring a bunch of little dishes of sides. Mine included a thin broth with a couple of very thin slices of some tuber (maybe parsnip), rice, dry seaweed squares, lettuce with kim chee spice, brocoli & cauliflower, and a few things I could not identify.

Kind of like these, but not quite.

My main dish was Bi Bim Bop, which I had a long time ago somewhere else. It's basically shaved beef surrounded by sprouts, spinach and other wholesome veggies, topped with a fried egg. It was very good, and I was surprised that I liked everything in the bowl. That and iced tea cost <$10.

After work, went straight to the Mercado Starbucks, where I am now. Big line outside the theater & someone in a brand new Captain America outfit was out there, looking official, having his picture taken with bouncer supervision.

It got cold all of a sudden. Need to get home soon, maybe after a stop at Lowe's for a new toilet flapper.

Plans for tomorrow:
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