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I Probably Should Be Having Dinner

But I've finished a major project to fix what had become an everyday minor annoyance. In the car I have an iPod hooked up to the in-dash audio/gps system, and it will display the album art if there is any. If there isn't, it displays a bland musical note icon. The project was to look through my iTunes library, and any album which did not have cover art, I either scanned the image from the CD, or snagged it from an online search. Most of the Thai compilation CDs needed to be scanned, but the solo ones often were online. The biggest WTFs were the OBC of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and the movie version of The Little Mermaid did not have art on Gracenote. The mermaid OBC did. A smaller WTF is a popular collection of Scott Joplin rags didn't have art work, I had to search online for it.

Somehow I lost the SD card which has the GPS' 2011 map. Went online to order a replacement, and the 2012 map is out. Win!

Thanks to quadrivium, whose clue on the filker FB channel was inspirational, my Kindle now has a copy of the reportedly highly educational documentary Slave Girl of Gor.

And I ordered an el cheapo SD camcorder from Tech4Less which I plan to give to a friend who keeps borrowing my HD one for her trips, and returning it broken. It was cheap, but it's a Sony, so not so shabby. Meanwhile I need to spend about the same amount to repair mine.

Bought a couple of books from lemmozine's eBay auction, and posted a plug on the basfa page, since we have a couple of serious collectors in the group. Most of the more interesting volumes are (deservedly) way out of my price range, but maybe not for the book dealers in the club.

Got some lovely email from vasilatos, thanks Max.

And it seems this is sibling catch-up email week. I've gotten letters from all three. I suppose I ought to return the favor, but I don't have much news.

Today at work we received the obligatory "when the company is finally sold, here are the things you can't do with your stock and stock options" email. It was amazingly readable for coming from a lawyer. The only part which applies to me when that time comes is I still own a handful of shares of company stock from 2007-9 when I was foolish enough to participate in the underwater employee purchase plan. Not so stupid after all, I paid $10 and it's going to cash out at $40.

I put off procrastinating, and wrote a bunch of test cases for the new feature, and will continue to grind out more. I have until May 20 to finish the suite, I may be done before then.

Lunch was at China Stix which used to be a majorly dim sum lunch spot, but now they do the lunch specials menu and only had one dim sum cart with only a couple of items on it. I had the prawns with mixed veggies, which was quite good.

It's cold and windy and grey out, so after work I came straight home.

Will watch this week's Eureka on Tivo and have dinner in a few. I'm pissed at them for chickening out of the Jupiter exploration which was set up last season, and more pissed for them doing the dream-induced story line. And for making the person we all suspected of being the secret bad guy the secret bad guy.

Plans for tomorrow:
something after
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