Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Art Appreciation Day

Very lazy day. woke up once again with Domino curled up behind me. Updated another of my portable Garmins. Deleted and re-transferred the problem video from Tivo to the PC, Roxio still burped, thought it was fine with two others I'd transferred at the same time. Media player has no problem playing it all the way through. Will have to call Roxio support tomorrow.

Made something for lunch - celery & blue cheese dressing, sui mai and ha gow. The sui mai tasted funny, I think I'll toss out the rest o the palette. (They come in frozen palettes of 40 pieces).

At about 2 I went to the open studios exhibit at Sunnyvale Art Gallery, where my long-time G&S friend Connie was displaying a bunch of her paintings - many styles, many sizes. She is very good, sometimes brilliant. She explained some of the techniques, and told me how galleries and other venues had reacted to some of her more controversial work. Amazing that abstract art can be controversial. I also toured around the rest of the show, it is pretty big, and the space is gallery/workshop/studio/store.  I had no idea how big the place was.The TARDIS of art.

went from there to my 5-ish meeting w/Janice, but she called, and is late getting back from wherever, so now it's after 6. Still waiting. Costco next.

And a happy birthday to the lovely and talented wolfen_dancer!

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