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Next To Nada

Not much to do at work, team meeting, boss said he would print out some test cases I could be doing, but that didn't get done till 5:45. Lunchtime two of my buddies decided to walk to Specialties, which is about a mile away. Not in 85° for me, besides I am no longer in any shape to walk a mile. I told them I'd meet them there. I waited half an hour, but did not see them on the trip there, and they were not at the place. I waited 10 minutes, then went out to the car to get my Kindle, and ordered lunch. They finally straggled in 50 minutes after they left work. I didn't see them because they took the trail, which adds at least half a mile to the walk. After lunch I gave them a ride back.

Costco after work, I had coupons for a total of $5 off of two items I usually get there. Had a list of another 10 or so, got everything on my list and a couple of things which would have been on it if I had been thinking. At the checkout, she pointed out the coupons are not good till the 10th. Damn you, Costo! I've had them for a week now. Before they expire I'll need one of those items again.

Just enough time to get home, put the stuff into the fridge/freezer which needed it and walk to BASFA. Half a house tonight, but Crazy Ed makes enough noise for any 8 of The Usual Suspects. Ed is on a different planet than the rest of us. I did manage to get in one of the best zingers of the year tonight, thanks to low-hanging fruit provided by johnnyeponymous. Two people chipped in to pay the pun tax (even though I'd already paid it). That's a nice tribute.

I didn't say much else, no announcements, no reviews. Should have announced Train Day, but our biggest train buff was working late and not in attendance.

Home, watched Undercover Boss. This episode was a testimony to what happens when a company hires good people at all their branches. The CEO/founder is also good people, which apparently is his only skill. Sometimes love is enough, Patty Smyth.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Run some tests which should have been automated years ago.
Bemoan the fact that it is only Tuesday.
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